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December 19, 2007


Fertil Aid Reviews

@ Victor Polyushko..Cool thanks for the link.. ^_^

Victor Polyushko

Hi Guys,

you have an awesome product!
I am wondering if you are planning on giving intensives to small web design companies to
push your product.

Thank you!

Victor Polyushko, President / Owner
5 Pixels Studio - Web design and programming
Website: http://www.5pixels.com
Blog: http://www.5pixels.com/blog
Phone: (775) 853-5174

Scott Rhodes

Veotag already handles these types. We can also support streaming on .mov files. With respect to WMV and FLV, their use depends on your application. WMV is a very mature streaming protocol which has the downside that it is Microsoft OS specific. FLV has the advantage that it is widely adopted, available on all platforms and is also a streaming protocol.


Any hope of being able to use .mov or .mp4 files for uploading anytime soon?

Either that or also please state the value of WMV and .FLV for us too. :)

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